Dear member of the PMI Luxembourg Chapter,

PMI Luxembourg Chapter is holding elections for the following positions on the Board:

  • President;
  • Director of Sponsorship;
  • Director of Membership;
  • Director of Events;
  • Director of Marketing & Communication.

The roles and responsibilities for the Board of Directors and each of the above positions can be found here.

The ongoing viability of the PMI Luxembourg Chapter depends on volunteers to occupy the above positions and to undertake the work necessary to fulfil its objectives as defined in PMI’s Charter Agreement. 

To have a well-functioning Board and consequently, a well-functioning Chapter, each Director should expect to spend at least three hours per week on average to fulfil his/her duties.

We invite you to stand as a candidate for one of the above positions to take an active role in the PMI Luxembourg Chapter.

The schedule for the elections is as follows:



Before 30 October 2017 23h59

Candidates to submit candidature applications to 

6 November 2017

Election ballot sent to Eligible Voters

30 November 2017 23h59

Close of Elections

Mid-January 2018

Nominating Committee to present the election results to the Eligible Voters at a General Assembly where the Eligible Voters will ratify the results by a simple majority of those present and represented

January 2018

First meeting of the newly elected Board


Eligible Candidate and Eligible Voter

PMI Luxembourg Chapter members in good standing, new members until the start of the elections (end of October) included, will be eligible to stand as candidates in this election (Eligible Candidate).  

A PMI Luxembourg Chapter member in good standing:

  • Is a member of PMI;
  • Is a member of PMI Luxembourg Chapter; and
  • Agrees to the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

PMI Luxembourg Chapter members will be eligible to vote in this election (Eligible Voters). That is, if you receive an election ballot then you are eligible to vote.


Candidate Application

An Eligible Candidate may apply for multiple Board positions though only one (1) can be taken in the case of being elected.  They must send their candidature application stating the positions for which they would like to apply to the Nominating Committee by email. The date and time of the email will be used to determine whether the candidature was submitted by the deadline as given in the above schedule.  

The candidate application must include their curriculum vitae (CV), their motivation letter, and the following completed, signed and scanned forms:

Failure to complete and sign the above forms will result in the candidature being treated as ineligible.  

The CV, of a maximum of one side of an A4 page, will give a short overview of the individual.  

The motivation letter, of a maximum of one side of an A4 page per position, will outline for each position applied their vision of what they would propose to do during their mandate.  The motivation letter must include at least one position; failure to do so will result in the candidature being treated as ineligible.

After the eligibility of the candidates is assessed and confirmed by the Nominating Committee, the CVs and motivation letters will be provided to all Eligible Voters on the election ballot.  


Election Ballot

The PMI Europe Chapter Development and the Nominating Committee will create the communication to Eligible Voters to inform them of the election process.

The PMI Europe Chapter Development will organise the electronic set-up of the elections (using a tool called Votenet) to invite all Eligible Voters to vote and to inform them how to vote.  

Each Eligible Voter can vote for one person per position or they can abstain.

Where there is only candidate for a position, the election ballot will ask for example: ‘Do you agree with Candidate C as Director of [Area of responsibility]’? In that case the answer possibilities are:

  • Yes, I agree
  • No, I don’t agree


Elections Results

For each position, the Eligible Candidate with the highest number of votes is elected (i.e. by a simple majority).  

Where a candidate has stood for more than one position and they have obtained the highest number of votes on at least two positions, they will be allocated the position where they had the highest number of votes. Where a candidate has stood for more than one position and they have obtained the highest number of votes on at least two positions with the same number of votes, the Nominating Committee will ask the candidate to confirm which position they would like to hold.

PMI Europe Chapter Development will communicate the election results to the Nominating Committee.

A General Assembly (GA) will be organised where the election results will be presented and ratified by a simple majority of the Eligible Voters present or represented.  

If an Eligible Voter is unavailable to attend the GA in person, they can provide a written and signed proxy to another Eligible Voter. No Eligible Voter may represent more than one (1) other Eligible Voter.


Framework in which the PMI Luxembourg Chapter operates

The following documents provide the framework within which the Board operates the Chapter:

We look forward to receiving your CV and motivation letter.   


Yours sincerely,


Ousseni Sorgho and Dominique Mormont

Nominating Committee for PMI Luxembourg Chapter Elections 2017


Media Files: Roles-and-responsibilities-to-be-elected-Board-members-2017.pdf